Spike or Spikeless Golf Shoes: Which Pair is the Most Suitable?

Which is a better pair of shoes, spikeless golf shoes or the ones with spikes? Golfers all over the world appreciate the existence of spikeless golf footwearbannerimg (1) which is more comfortable than the spiked ones, but there are golfers who still prefer the ones with spikes. Although wearing golf footwear is not necessary in all tournaments, a player can get a better advantage if he or she is wearing a pair of shoes for playing golf.
Beginners in the world of golf should take advantage of the benefits that spiked or spikeless shoes provide. It is recommended to wear the shoes even during practice.

The Shoes with Spikes

When the ground is especially soft or slippery, it is best to use spiked shoes for a better foothold. It is hard to deliver the right swing if the golfer won’t be able to get a sturdy footing, and that becomes much more difficult to achieve if the ground is wet or slippery. Good traction is indispensable when swinging, so how the golf shoes are anchored to the ground should be the golfer’s primary concern.
There are two kinds of spikes to choose from – the metal and plastic ones. There are some golfers who prefer the metal ones, while there are others who choose the plastic ones. Either type is good, as long as the chosen spikes can give the right foothold to the golfer.

Metal spikes are sharper and longer than the plastic ones. They can give better footing than plastic, especially if the ground is soft. Metal spikes can make the golfer’s stance sturdier, but they are the foremost enemy of the greens. Metal spikes can easily tear up greens and fairways. A golfer may also feel that metal spikes get heavier as he or she becomes tired. There are times when a golfer needs to practically drag his or her feet when walking. The metal spikes may also bring discomfort when a golfer needs to stand on hard ground, making the whole experience uncomfortable.

There are golf courses that don’t permit golf footwear with metal spikes to walk their greens. It is advisable to check the conditions and requirements first before playing the game just to make sure that there will be no trouble. It is also a wise move to bring a pair of spikeless golf shoes or those with plastic spikes, just in case.

Plastic spikes are more popular than metal spikes nowadays. They are lightweight and won’t tear up the greens too much. Golfers who use plastic spikes appreciate the softness they feel underneath their feet. The golfers who use plastic spikes don’t have to drag their feet while walking as the game progresses. The only disadvantage of sil-dual-view-20-degree-rotation-revised-800x650plastic spikes is that they can’t provide the same foothold that the metal spikes give when the ground is soft.
Plastic spikes are ideal for summer games. The good news is that the technology of plastic spikes continues to evolve as manufacturers find ways to meet the traction that metal spikes give, minus the discomfort. They are slowly evolving and soon plastic spikes will be able to completely dominate the world of spiked golf footwear.

Spikeless Shoes

Spikeless shoes have nubs or stubs to keep the golfer practically glued to the ground while playing the game, although they don’t give the same anchorage as the spiked shoes. Spikeless shoes are more comfortable and they are easy to walk with. Golfers on the go find the shoes more convenient because they don’t need to change their spikeless golf footwear and just go straight to their after-game business. Spikeless footwear is trendy and fashionable. It even exudes elegance that ordinary street shoes don’t usually have.

Which is more suitable? The answer solely lies on the golfer’s decision. No matter which shoes the golfer decides to choose, his or her golf shoes will definitely help create memorable moments.